How To Quit Bad Habits

we both know trying to quit the most stubborn habits we’ve held on to feel impossible when you need to conquer them the most. Going “cold turkey” isn’t an easy feat that works for everyone. Nonetheless quitting a bad habit is psychological; most of the time the habits that you consider to be bad are only viewed poorly because the environment you’re in strays away or doesn’t condone such behavior.

Habits are not necessarily good or bad, it just depends on the perspective the habit is viewed. For example, smoking cigarettes are bad for your health, and this has been proven by the medical industry and related to many deaths all around the world. If everyone gave a blind eye to the facts and treated smoking like a normal thing people do, would it be viewed as a bad habit or just a habit?

What is a Habit?

A habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. With that being said habits are not supposed to be easy and require hard work to put them to rest. Everyone has their own methods when it comes to ending certain routines in life, but there may be better ways to combat these issues. I would first suggest taking on one habit at a time. Dealing with more than one habit can become overwhelming and result in relapse. Take your time, don’t give up, and take a look at the rest of our article so you can begin the process of self-betterment.

The 3 R’s


Write the bad habit down, post it on your walls, or even put it on your screen saver. For Example “don’t bite your nails”. Put it in places where you can constantly be reminded of what you need to do, and stick with it.


Be as consistent as possible! Everyone has a “wall” they hit when they are trying to be consistent with doing things. Figure out when your breaking point is, so when you hit the “wall”, your able to keep going. Once you leave room for excuses to stop being consistent, all the hard work goes down the drain.


Remind yourself of the outcome of how better you will be once you are fully rid of the bad habit. sometimes that isn’t enough for everyone. For those who believe that keeping the goal in mind won’t be enough, Try replacing the Bad habit with a good one. Smoking a cigarette can be replaced by having a conversation with someone who makes you laugh. (I know it’s not that easy, but I have confidence you have the strength to find another outlet or replacement for the bad habit.)

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-Identify the cause

There should be a clear understanding of the bad habit before you try to quit it. You should become aware of when the habit started, the time, the feeling, who was/is involved, and what action is associated with the habit. Once you figure out the “why” it makes it a little easier to figure out the “how”.


Pay attention to the habit that you want to get rid of. Take your time to consider how your life will be without the particular bad habit in it. This will motivate you to work hard to quit the bad habit. Write down the things you want to change if necessary.

-Seek friends’ support

Imagine one of your friends also has the same bad habit. What advice would you give them if they asked you for help to stop the habit? Maybe ask your friends to remind you to stop if they see you doing the habit. For example, you can ask your significant other to pinch you every time you curse, if that’s the habit your trying to break.

-Find a hobby

You can replace your bad habit with a hobby or a recreational activity. Having something effective to do instead of the bad habit will help you remove it.


If you want to quit a bad habit, just do it. If you want it go for it. No one is stopping you from achieving the goal you want but you. Take your time to reach your goal, divide the quitting process into several sub-goals if you have to. That will give you the determination and the self-dedication you need to continue moving towards success. Quitting a bad habit isn’t impossible, so let’s work together and become the person we truly want to be.