How to Become More Family Oriented

People always claim that their family is number one on their priority list, but how true is that? Can you ask yourself honestly, when is the last time you had a casual sit-down with your family to just talk about daily life, and how everyone’s doing? Have you tried having one on one talks with each individual in your home to just touch base on their emotions and feelings towards each other or just the world around them?

You should be asking yourself “how involved am I in my family’s life” and “how do I become more of a family person”? Whether you’re about to start a family or you already have one, obtaining these qualities will help you improve on the relationships you have in your household.

Active listening

Listening is the best way to understand each other and share new things going on in our lives. Make time to listen to the family as often as possible. Listening will not only strengthen the communication between you and your family members but also create an environment where everyone is comfortable with sharing and talking about things that may seem hard. One of your family members can be going through a hard time at some point; having someone close to them to talk about it will be a huge weight off their shoulders.

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You may busy with your workload and day-to-day activities, but try to put aside some time to spend with the family. Make a promise to yourself and your family that they come first and everything else comes after, and remind them with your love and affection every chance you get. This will create a bond that will never be severed.

Show love and affection

Every one of us craves love and affection in our own way. We expect such affection from our family and loved ones. Giving a random hug to a family member or telling them “I love you” without any special occasion or reasoning will make them feel special and cared for. Expressing love can inspire others in your household to share that love with everyone they come in contact with, thus making the world a better place. (Tip: Creating a secret handshake or a quick ritual when your excited or proud of your children makes things 10 time more fun for them. Give it a shot!)


Being family oriented isn’t dedicating everything to your family. You have to manage family time and “you” time when necessary. If you went all-in for your family, you would not be able to find time to improve yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup, which means you can give energy to something or someone when you don’t have enough energy stored for yourself. It’s ok to take a break from your family every once in a while to replenish yourself. do things you love and enjoy, take yourself on a date. Otherwise, you’ll get bored.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of any family functions and parties that take place from time to time. You may not be able to take part in every one of them, but do your best to be there for your family on such occasions. You can even surprise them by showing up during the function if possible. Being surrounded by your family on these special occasions will make memories you all will never forget.


Nobody is perfect. All we can do is strive for the best, and live each day wanting to be better than the person we were the previous day. Just remember and think about the time you have on this planet. if you knew when you would die, wouldn’t you want to spend that time around the people who matter the most? That’s how you should live every day. Doing the things you love to do and spending it with the ones you love.